Petz breeds

Use these files however you want. They can be inspected, modified, used as hexing bases, etc.

All files are for P4.


A Petzy version of a sighthound/lurcher-type breed. Four color variations (black and tan/tricolor, cream brindle, cream, red/orange). Two ear variations. Patch variations on chest and front feet. Feathered and non-feathered variations. Personality hexed Great Dane SCP - not all sighthounds are energetic, some are couch potatoes!

This breed is intended to be play-safe and a PF Magic match. It uses built-in textures only, should have few movement issues, and should breed well with built-in breeds.

Some fun mixies bred with this file:


Breedable pig and bunny V1

Original PFM pig/bunny files modified to be fully breedable. Pigs can breed with dogs, bunnies with cats. No PFM behaviour has been removed or changed. Offspring have a chance to inherit pig/bunny behaviour. Caveats: the LNZ are clearly not set up or tested to pass down nicely. Pigs are a non-inheritable colour so offspring will be white. Bunny ears may get squashed on offspring. Bunny offspring tend to have grey heads. You can still get some nice results, like this Toybob/Bunny mix or Dalmatian/Pig.

Download pig

Download bunny

Animation-ready dog and cat

Breedfiles which can load custom animations. One Dalmatian base and one Russian Blue base; all genome, SCP and personality info is the same as in the base breeds. You need to have a good knowledge of the animation and SCP formats to do anything with these. Also included is an example dog with a minimal SCP with one pose animation overridden as in the image. There are multiple pose actions so you might need to snap a lot of photos to see it!

Download dog base (must be renamed to

Download cat base

Download dog pose sample