Djangos Dialog

What is it?

Unlike LGNPC, Djangos doesn't make every NPC unique. It modifies the big topics that most NPCs can talk about: greetings, rumours, advice, secrets, services, specific places, and some of the Houses. These have extra lines added which check the speaker's race, class, faction and rank. The ethos of having mainly non-individualised characters is maintained (which I think is great), but the dialog is a bit less repetitive.

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Is it good?

Actually, yeah! I like the way this is written. I'd honestly be hard-pressed to tell which lines came from the mod and which came from the base game. It's easy to tell who's speaking from each concise bit of dialog. Try these for size:

Me? Well, I'm a poor lover, a worse gambler, and a fantastic drinker. Pleased to meet you, %PCRace.

I was born on the deck of a ship and raised with the salt breeze in my face. I've been toughened since with the experience of a hundred ports and desert islands.

I'm a secretive and restless sort - always one step ahead of the hangman's noose.

The power of my faith is quiet, sera. It is the leaf unmoved by the hurricane.

Best leave your tongue in its yap-hole, Hlaalu scum. Your silvered words and golden bribes do not sparkle so brightly outside Balmora.

My minions rise from their graves to bend the knee. Dunmer superstition calls this 'necromancy'. I have no love for the Imperial yoke - but did you know in their homeland, you may legally purchase bodies and souls for private experimentation? It is most intriguing.

I'm what they call a nightblade. That means I can put a dagger in your neck in the blink of an eye. Best not blink, eh?

Orcs are often thought of by the Dark Elves as savages and brute muscle. But ours is a culture steeped in intricate craftsmanship and delicate metallurgy. So trust my smithwork, %PCRace. My people know what they're doing.

Nords reference animals a lot. Argonians recognise you as marshsister/brother if you are one too. Commoners have a good number of simple Backgrounds.

Latest rumours has appropriate sidequest-related dialog added. Little advice has mechanic-related advice added, e.g. repairing weapons before selling them. Without knowing, it would be hard to tell which ones came from the base game and which from the mod. They're completely fitting. Little secret has some really neat flavor lore added:

Khajiti men show their status in life with their names, unless they choose a nickname. "M" or "Ma" means "child" or "apprentice" or, in the vernacular, "virgin." As an apprentice can be of any age, this leads to misunderstandings and jokes %Name cannot translate. "J," Ji," or "Ja" means a bachelor or young adult. In the vernacular, it means one who is young and lacks experience. "Ra" and "Ri" show high status. "Ri" is the highest status among the Khajiit, used by leaders of cities or tribes.

Outlanders like yourself have to get used to the ashstorms of our land. We mastered the sloped-roof hut a long time ago. And the craftsmen have perfected the resin mesh for windows and such. Got bull netch tarps for when they're expecting a real big fall - drape those on your dome for the night and just pull it all down in the morning or the next day.

Any creepy stuff?

Nope. Not that I saw. Thank God.

Any bad bits?

There are a few things that are a matter of personal taste. I don't like the Dick Van Dyke 'cockney' Imperial thieves, and in general thieves are falling over themselves to tell you they're thieves. There are a couple of times when I wish they hadn't customised the female dialogs (is it really worth making female acrobats be dancers rather than jugglers? Or making female warriors say they're a match for any man?).

The House Redoran topic doesn't get any modified dialogs, even though the other two houses do! Not sure why.

It could use a final round of proofreading. The author doesn't always have the greatest grasp on where commas should go - there are a lot of things like "I'm easy to miss sera" and "You play yourself %PCRace?". "Alot" turns up. That's okay. It's easy to correct.

Should I install this one?

Yeah! Go for it.