Blender creations 2

Tutorials I tried

3D Piece of Cake by Cas Raven 3D 23-09-14

The shiny icing goo material looks cool and I experimented with the blur/focus a lot. This is a good'un, recommend following this one.

Potion Bottle by Cas Raven 3D 23-09-14

Colours are a bit lurid but whatever, this is still kinda cool.

3D Cat by SouthernShotty 24-02-09

This is a boring render sorry. In his version he puts a lot of detailed materials on but I kinda liked it low-poly. I would like to revisit this and add some simple hand-drawn shading at some point. Something I learned from this is the way he modelled everything as a separate part (head, body, arms, legs, each clothing item, etc) when I was focusing too hard on trying to model my own characters as one item.

My own stuff

Stable 23-07-09

Low-poly horse from chemlife on Thingiverse and low-poly person from somewhere that I annoyingly can't find now! Modelling that railing arc at the front gave me conniptions. I just couldn't figure out how to do it. Uhh overall this is quite boring but at least I finished it.

Frog toy 23-08-15

Not a full render but I wanted to model a simple version of this frog that my partner has. You stroke the stick across the bumps on its back and it makes a frog noise.

Cup Noodle 23-08-15

It's a cup noodle. Not much to say about this one.

Kiwi 23-10-13

Having fun with the grease pencil outline and cel shading on a simple form.

Whale 23-10-13

Same as the kiwi but with a bit more complexity in the shape.

Catloaf 23-10-16

This is the first one where I felt like I envisioned something and was able to make it without too much trouble. I like the little puck it's sitting on and the tail shape. The front legs and eyes were troublesome. The result is slightly unnerving but I still think it's cute.

Spooky train carriage 24-02-13

Part of a point-and-click horror game mockup I made in Godot.

Cube animals 24-05-14

I used the thumbnail from this polymer clay tutorial. I really wanted to try out the data transfer normal blending trick to make the ears blend into the body but I couldn't get it to work in Cycles, it just made a big mess of the shading.

Cute sheep 24-05-15

I used this image on pinterest. The feet look too nipple-y but whatever. Used light linking to make the eye shinies which is something I had trouble with on previous renders.

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